Clients’ Gallery

The inception of Creativity Banners

At the time of starting Creative Banners, we had an aim to grow based on referrals and not on the paid marketing tactics. Reason being, the entire idea of growth is subjective to the reputation and credibility. We are a firm believer in progression at the cost of delivering the best quality on the most economical budget.

Core Idea of Clients’ Gallery 

Since our dynamics are based on providing quality and quantity isn’t what we rely on, Creative Banners gives loyalty plans to the clients. This means we follow the legacy of appreciating clients for placing their orders. In response to the successful completion of a project, Creative Banners send a token of appreciation.

Once the stationery item is sent to the client, they are requested to take a picture and email it to us. We put it up on our Clients’ Gallery where other loyal clients are also displayed. The gallery however is all about the clients who have hired our services and liked our work.

Utilization of Services and Loyalty Plan

Following are some terms and conditions that we make sure to apply while sending a token of appreciation to our clients.

  • Gifts in the form of the stationary item with our logo on it are delivered to only those who have given us excellent feedback.
  • We at Creative Banners work on timely deliveries, quality work, and satisfaction of the client. With that, we also make sure to surcharge clients with an item they would like to have.
  • They may get more pictures of theirs in our Clients’ Gallery. Creative Banners takes pride in sharing more pictures as it showcases the credibility, trust, and satisfaction level of a client.